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Colour your life! Lubelska rediscovered.

Lubelska, the most colourful alcohol brand in Poland, can now boast a new design of its bottle and label. Thanks to its refreshed look, Lubelska will not only be the staple of any good party, but also become a companion to more elegant occasions. The rediscovered product will be available at the end of September.

Lubelska is a brand which sets the trends for flavoured alcohols in Poland and is known for its wide variety of natural flavours, intensive colours and several bottle sizes. In order to better express the innovative character of the brand, Stock Polska decided to revamp its image. How was it changed? The 500ml bottle has gained a new shape, which has strengthened the product’s quality and given it a more sophisticated look. Thanks to this change, Lubelska, until now associated mainly with good fun and being a party starter – which still is a part of the brand’s image – can now also be a part of more elegant occasions, as the new bottle looks great on the table.

Stock prepared something special for consumers who prefer smaller bottles – the 200ml Lubelska bottle will be identical in shape to its half-litre counterpart.  The rebranding will also include changes to the label, making it more legible and focused on channelling the fruity flavours that have won the hearts and palates of consumers. The juicy designs will surely make Lubelska stand out among the competition on store shelves and add some flair to elegantly-set tables.  

"The rebranding is Stock Polska's answer to the rising expectations of consumers and another step forward on the way to expanding our company's product range. We wished  for the new design to reflect the main attributes of the brand – its quality, natural and fruity flavours, and a positive attitude to life. Thanks to the new bottle design, Lubelska will not look out of place even at more formal gatherings" said Karolina Wróblewska, Senior Brand Manager, Stock Polska.

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