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The current product portfolio is the perfect balance between heritage and innovation, which has helped us create an outstanding range of spirits brands.

Knob Creek

Knob Creek
Knob Creek Rye
  • Made with a blend of the finest quality rye this whiskey has a unique, delicate, spicy aroma which changes the taste of drinks forever.

Taking its name from a small creek which flows in the southern part of the distillery, Knob Creek is crafted in limited quantities, aged 9yrs and placed in only the deepest charred American Oak barrels to fully draw out the natural sugars.

The long ageing process gives Knob Creek a broad range of flavours that strike your senses with a distinctive, rich sweetness and a long, smooth finish that clearly demonstrates why Kentucky is famous for its bourbon whiskey.

We distribute this brand under an agreement with Beam Suntory.

*Product packaging and available sizes may vary across markets and are subject to change.