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The current product portfolio is the perfect balance between heritage and innovation, which has helped us create an outstanding range of spirits brands.


SASKA Czysta (Clear)
SASKA Dębowa (Oak)
  • A delicate clear vodka produced according to a traditional Polish recipe, using the most premium varieties of grain. Its gentle flavour comes from extensive experience of distilling masters and the use of only natural ingredients and crystal-clear water.
  • A traditional, delicate flavoured vodka made according to an old formula of Polish distilling masters that gains its unique character from American oak and a slow maceration process which emphasises the distinctive oak note.

Saska is a unique family of beverages for those who enjoy quality backed by tradition.

They stand for the essence of Polish hospitality and many years of distilling masters’ experience, created to be enjoyed in an unhurried manner.

For years, Polish distilling masters have been perfecting the art of manufacturing exquisite alcohols and they have thus become unmatched in the production of clear vodkas and in creating unique compositions for flavoured vodkas and vodka based-liqueurs, unlike any others. Tradition, experience and patience are the essence of the Saska beverage family, which includes both clear and flavoured varieties.

Saska’s unique flavours have been inspired by tinctures created in Polish aristocratic mansions in the past. Today, modern distilling masters have drawn on the wealth of this tradition, recreating beverages that charm with fruit aromas, hints of oak and the clear taste of Polish vodka.

Saska is also available in a range of vodka-based flavoured liqueurs.

*Product packaging and available sizes may vary across markets and are subject to change.