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Lubelska Cytrynówka - now in a bigger bottle!

Lubelska Cytrynówka is now available in stores in 700 ml bottles.

This best-selling flavoured vodka* in Poland owes its commercial success to its original recipe, which results in a sweet yet sharp flavoured liqueur that is similar to the taste profile of homemade Polish lemon liqueurs. Thanks to the natural lemon juice that is used in its production, Lubelska Cytrynówka can boast not only an exceptional flavour but also a characteristic cloudy, lemon colour.  Its popularity has not waned since its launch in 2009.  That is why a larger bottle is now being launched in order to meet customer expectation and demand. 

*28% share of flavoured vodka according to Centrum Monitorowania Rynku research agency survey in traditional trade market, February 2012

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