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iTQi jury delighted by Orkisz vodka!

The highest award and recognition from some of the best experts in the world, the Crystal Taste Award, went to Stock Polska! The winner of this rare and extremely precious title was Orkisz - a clear vodka made from an ancient spelt wheat variety.   

This award is what many strive to achieve for years! iTQi, the International Taste and Quality Institute, only grants the Crystal Taste Award to products that win the Superior Taste Award three years in a row - three gold stars for excellent flavour. To gain all three stars, the score for all assessed taste and quality attributes assigned by the jury must exceed 90%. Nearly unattainable? Stock Polska has shown that it is worth aiming as high as possible. This special award and the jury’s recognition were won by Orkisz Spelt Vodka - previously, a three-times laureate of the gold medal.

What should be the characteristics of the very best vodka?

The main attribute is the flavour, with the aroma, first impression, visual aspect and other characteristics also examined. Orkisz vodka is produced in small quantities with a process of slow distillation, which gives it an incomparably smooth, subtle and unique taste. Chilling to 4–6°C brings out the unique qualities and properties of this vodka, valued by the most important jurors in the world - members of prestigious culinary associations and sommeliers, who each individually assign points to the tasted product on the sensory evaluation form.

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