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Limoncé Fresh – a new product from Stock

The summer is a perfect time for light alcoholic drinks and, in particular, citrus flavours bring to mind memories of the Mediterranean coast and a refreshing sea breeze. This is exactly what Limoncé Fresh, the new product just being launched on the Polish market by Stock Polska, tastes like.

Limonce is a sweet yet fresh liqueur, made from the zest of lemons, ripened under the hot Italian sky. The recipe is based on freshly extracted lemon juice, which makes the liqueur delicate and distinct in flavour. The unique production process requires a lot of patience. The lemon peel, full of essential oils, is macerated and mellowed in best quality spirit and sugar for a couple of months. Then the 25% abv liqueur is bottled.

Lemon liqueurs have a long connection to the Amalfi coast. The roots date back to the Middle Ages when they were made by Italian fishermen and monks. Today, Stock carefully guards its secret recipe.

It tastes great on the rocks, as a base of summer cocktails or simply mixed with lemonade or tonic.

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