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1906 – “Quadruple Distillation”

In January 2009, Polmos Lublin will launch a marketing campaign for 1906 vodka – a brand named after the year of the company was founded. The campaign will emphasize the quadruple distillation process used in the production of 1906 vodka. The process is made possible by one of the most advanced column pot stills in Europe, installed at the plant on its 100th anniversary.

“Using the still give us complete control over the distillation processes and ensures that the detailed production regime is strictly observed, including timing, temperature and pressure. It guarantees the consistently high quality of the final product,” says Bartosz Mo?as, 1906 Brand Manager.

The distillation process is repeated four times and results in a perfect purity of the spirit used for the production of vodka.

The campaign is another phase of the new strategy for the 1906 brand. The first step was the change of the packaging and product communication. Now, 1906 is the only brand to have gained a place among the top 10 best-selling vodka brands in Poland last year and is also the youngest brand in this group.

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