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The StereoStock Beat

Among the music events on the clubbing map of Poland, there’s an intriguing name: StereoStock.

The series of events organised by Stock 84 features great music, some of the world’s best artists and some music pioneers. Stock 84 guarantees unforgettable music at top Polish clubs in cities like Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Tricity (Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot) and Krakow.

The first event launching the StereoStock series will be held on February 14 in Warsaw.

Guest star at the Saturday night in the Vinyl club will be Sharam Jey, a German producer and DJ, who has made remixes for Moby, Salt’n’Pepa, Mylo and Faith No More, among others. He has released over 50 of his own recordings under record labels like Underwater, Hooj Choons and Airtight. Resident DJs of the StereoStock series include Igor and Bert (Electricity!/Vinyl), the Last Robots. They have been DJs for years and have played a big part in promoting club culture in Poland.

Stock 84 will help to create the proper atmosphere at the events. The world-renowned brand is winning more and more fans who love it mixed with Sprite*. With the famous Stock served in this and other new ways, electronic music fans will be guaranteed to have a great time.

The event planned for March 28 will be hosted by DJ Lottie, who will take care of the unique music atmosphere at the SQ club in Poznan. We are looking forward to see you at all the music events of the StereoStock series!

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