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Fruit power in new Lubelska flavours - on sale now!

What could possibly be better than seven fruit varieties of Lubelska? Nine fruit varieties! The Lubelska brand proudly presents two new additions to its fruit family: Lubelska Gruszkówka (pear) and Lubelska Jeżynówka (blackberry). Both will hit the shops in June!

This is the power of fruit!
With its richness and variety of flavours, Lubelska breaks boredom and monotony, encouraging us to enjoy the moment. Two new flavours, based on two consumer favourites, pear and blackberry, enhance the fruity power of Lubelska’s portfolio and invite us to further discover the juicy flavour combinations of one of the most colourful alcohol brands in Poland.

Lubelska Gruszkówka
Be it a countryside holiday or an urban chill-out, any time is good to explore the nature of the new, ripe Lubelska Gruszkówka. It’s no pear pie in the sky – you’ll discover the power of fruit yourself!

Lubelska Jeżynówka
Nature uses thorns to protect the ultimate natural taste of blackberries. But don’t worry, we have gathered these summer treasures for you. Their sensual and wildly natural taste has been conserved in the new Lubelska Jeżynówka. Try it and discover the power of fruit!

The power of Lubelska!
For years, Lubelska has been a leading brand on the alcohol market, valued by consumers and awarded repeatedly in national and international industry competitions. By introducing new flavour varieties into the market, the brand appeals to younger buyers in particular, as they are always on the lookout for novelties and innovations on the shelves! 


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