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Stock Polska introduces a revolution in refreshment!

​Lubelska Soda is now on sale.

Stock Polska is proud to present an absolutely innovative product in the coloured spirits market, available in two fruity flavours.  Lemon has the iconic flavour of a fizzy soda while Orange brings you the tang of juicy oranges.

A balanced alcohol content of 25% enhances the aroma and flavour of the fruit, making it perfect for those who are thirsty for new experiences, regardless of the occasion.

Available in small, handy 200 ml bottles, Lubelska Soda is an ideal refreshment on hot days and it is a great way to get the party rolling!

  • A perfectly balanced alcohol content of 25% makes its delicious fruity flavour so distinct
  • An idea sparkling refreshment for warm days
  • Citrus-flavour intensity of lemon or orange


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