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Lubelska Mango - a refreshing novelty in the brand's portfolio

Stock Polska expands the colorful portfolio of Lubelska and introduces a completely new, tropical flavour variant - Lubelska Mango. This is an ideal proposition for lovers of sweeter and refreshing drinks, which perfectly fits into the island's world of the brand and the communication platform: Live Colourfully. Lubelska Mango is available in three formats - 100ml, 200ml and 500ml.

Tropical vibes
Lubelska is a brand that stands out on the market not only by its diversity and wide portfolio, but also by its high growth dynamics - by as much as 14.8% *. Consumers of coloured alcohols in Poland love to try new flavors, which is why Stock Polska regularly extends its offer with other fruitful offers. This season, it launches Lubelska Mango to the market - a variant that brings to mind hot and sunny holidays on a distant island. Thanks to the balanced sweetness and 30% alcohol content, combined with the natural, refreshing taste Lubelska Mango works well in traditional shots and as a base for light drinks.

"In the spring and summer, consumers particularly appreciate refreshing and light flavours, they are also eager to try our new products. Lubelska Mango enriches the wide range of the brand with a juicy, tropical position, while perfectly matching current market trends - because mango is undoubtedly the hottest fruit this season!", says Marta Uss, Senior Brand Manager of the Lubelska brand in Stock Polska.

Live colourfully with Lubelska
Lubelska started the year with a new communication - LIVE COLOURFULLY. The slogan of the campaign is, on the one hand, a direct reference to the rich offer of the brand, and on the other, an invitation to its unique world - a land of eternal parties, an explosion of colours and flavours, created for the "young at heart". In the Lubelska world, every consumer will find something for themselves: sweet, sour, refreshing, forest and tropical flavors. They have one thing in common - the natural aroma of fruit and a perfectly balanced alcohol content, which makes Lubelska an excellent proposition for the spring and summer season. New Lubelska Mango captivates with its refreshing taste on the tropical "Lubelska Island" - full of fresh fruit and eternal parties, where there is no place for routine!

*Stock for Nielsen - Retail Panel, All of Poland with Discounts (Food), volume sales, period: February 2019 - January 2020, category: flavoured vodka

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