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Stock Prosecco in a new 200ml format

Sparkling wines conquer the hearts of consumers and due to their refreshing and delicate taste, we are particularly keen to reach for them in the spring and summer seasons. Prosecco from Stock Polska is now available in a new, convenient format - 200ml. Bubbles in a handy bottle will undoubtedly work for casual gatherings as well as special occasions, adding an elegant flair.

Bubble madness
The sparkling wine category has been growing steadily for some time. No wonder - it is an ideal proposition for people who value high quality, a subtle taste and casual gatherings. Currently, small sparkling drink formats are gaining in importance. To meet the expectations of consumers, Prosecco from Stock Polska is now available in a smaller 200ml capacity.

"The sparkling wine market in Poland is growing every year, and prosecco has a significant share in this category. At the same time, we are observing the dynamic development of small formats in this segment - we are dealing with a very strong trend and we can already predict that there will be more and more such proposals on the market." - says Zuzanna Jasica, Marketing Assistant at Stock Polska.

Stock Prosecco 200 ml
Prosecco from Stock Polska is a unique drink made from carefully selected grape varieties. Its light and refreshing taste and subtle, fruity aroma represent the best tradition of creating sparkling wines, making it the perfect choice for warmer days. Thanks to the new, handy 200ml format, Prosecco from Stock Polska combines high quality with the lightness of "bubbles", an elegant nature and  convenience of consumption. This delicate drink, which tastes best when chilled, is perfect for warm summer evenings.

"We are aware of the importance of having the right alcohol temperature, especially in spring and summer, when consumers seek cooling refreshment. Stock Polska has approx. 11.5 thousand refrigerators in stores throughout the country. Thanks to this, as the only ones on the market, we offer Stock Prosecco cooled to the perfect temperature, so its light and refreshing taste can be fully enjoyed immediately after purchase." - adds Jasica.

Adds uniqueness to gatherings
Recently, Stock Prosecco has gained a new packaging design, inspired by the trend of premiumisation - a stylish, dark green bottle and classic gold and black on the label have given it even more elegance. The Prosecco miniature from Stock Polska has gained equally prestigious packaging, which refers to the fashionable design of the large format - 750ml.

Stock Prosecco, both in a large and small versions, is an excellent choice in the spring and summer, when the days are warmer and the afternoons and evenings are getting longer. It is an ideal product for both men and women - its delicate flavour refreshes and allows you to enjoy a subtle taste in good company. Prosecco from Stock Polska is ideally suited not only to being served chilled, but also as a base for simple and tasty drinks, such as a Mimosa (Prosecco with orange juice), a Bellini (Prosecco with peach mousse) or any spritzer.

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