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Polish team win gold in the Effie Awards 2019 competition for Amundsen Vodka #ExploreMore

The 20th jubilee gala of the Effie Awards competition took place on October 28. Amundsen Vodka was among the winners and won a gold statuette in the „Alcoholic Drinks" category for the „Explore More” campaign. Brand Values Amundsen Vodka was created to inspire. The inspiration for its creation was one of the most... Read more

Stock Polska presents all new Żołądkowa Kolonialna

In the 19th century, the Poles combined their tradition of producing the best vodka with exclusive colonial products, which inspired the first recipe for world renowned, Żołądkowa Gorzka. Now, this iconic Polish brand is returning to its vodka roots by introducing two flavour variants: premium editions Żołądkowa Kolonialna Cayemites Bay... Read more

Orkisz vodka wins Best Polish Varietal Vodka award

Orkisz was awarded in the international World Vodka Awards 2019 competition. Our ultra-premium vodka, made of an ancient spelt wheat variety, has won a prize in the World’s Best Varietal Vodka category as the Best Polish Vodka made of specific varieties of grains. It was highly rated by the jury and described as “A little creamy.... Read more

Stock Polska introduces a revolution in refreshment!

​Lubelska Soda is now on sale. Stock Polska is proud to present an absolutely innovative product in the coloured spirits market, available in two fruity flavours.  Lemon has the iconic flavour of a fizzy soda while Orange brings you the tang of juicy oranges. A balanced alcohol content of 25% enhances the aroma and flavour of the fruit,... Read more