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News - March 2009

Garrone – New Brand in Polmos Lublin Porfolio

Prepared traditionally according to an ancient recipe and based the extracts of over 30 herbs, Garrone is produced in Canelli near Turin, Italy – an area renowned for the creation of traditional vermouths. Garrone is available in three versions: Bianco, Rosso and Cherry. Garrone Bianco is the most popular. It is a classic, Italian... Read more

Żołądkowa Gorzka in a New Bottle

This traditional selected vodka, manufactured since the beginning of 1950s, changed its looks in March this year. The cult alcoholic beverage is now available in a modern-shape bottle. The new bottle of Żołądkowa Gorzka brings the traditional image of the brand up to date. The original recipe of this cult vodka originates from the over... Read more

Vodka from Lublin the best in the world

Three brands from Polmos Lublin portfolio (Polmos Lublin is the Stock Spirits Group Company in Poland) have won awards in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (march 21-22.2009). Wisniowka Lubelska - cherry flavoured vodka won a silver medal. The Zoladkowa Gorzka won a bronze medal in category- herbal vodka, and Orkisz in wheat vodka... Read more