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News - August 2011

Stock Extra Old – many years of excellence

As is appropriate for a spirit with tradition, Stock XO brandy has to mature for a long time before it is eventually poured into a glass. To this end, it is aged for a minimum of 8 years in burned oak barrels which give it the specific hint of smoked wood. Stock XO "Extra Old" is a brandy whose maturation process lasts for at least 8... Read more

Vintage Czech whisky 'Hammer Head' scoops top award for SSG

Stock Spirits Group (SSG) is proud to announce that its unique 1989 vintage single malt whisky, Hammer Head, has won a Masters award at The Whiskeys of the World Masters. A second SSG brand, Limonce Amaro, also enjoyed success at the Masters by winning a Gold medal within the Herbs and Bitters category at the Liqueur Masters. Hammer Head is a... Read more

Stock makes a debut in the whiskey category

In August, Stock Polska introduced two new products to its portfolio: Blue Barrel and Gold Barrel whiskeys originating from Kentucky, USA. The history of manufacturing American whiskey dates back to the 17th century and to the first settlers from Europe. Following many years of refining recipes and processes, the secret of producing an... Read more