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News - May 2015

iTQi jury delighted by Orkisz vodka!

The highest award and recognition from some of the best experts in the world, the Crystal Taste Award, went to Stock Polska! The winner of this rare and extremely precious title was Orkisz - a clear vodka made from an ancient spelt wheat variety.    This award is what many strive to achieve for years! iTQi, the International... Read more

Outstanding Amundsen Expedition

The Jury of the International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI) in Brussels have tested the latest product from Stock Polska, Amundsen Expedition vodka. During blind tests, the jurors evaluated all attributes of this distilled beverage, including the taste and aftertaste, purity, aroma and the general impression.   In the... Read more

Lubelska Cytrynówka 100ml wins “Trade Hit” award for second consecutive year

Lubelska Cytrynówka (Lemon) 100ml has received a “Hit Handlu” (Trade Hit”) award in Poland for the second consecutive year. It was nominated unanimously as the most requested product in the flavoured vodka category by retailers from all over Poland in the annual ranking of bestsellers. The retailers’ all... Read more

Stock Spirits awarded six medals at the 2015 International Spirits Challenge Awards

Stock Spirits Group has been awarded six medals at the 2015 International Spirits Challenge Awards, one of the most authoritative, respected and influential spirits competitions in the world. The Group’s vodka brands have again been awarded internationally recognised accolades for quality and taste. Stock Prestige received a... Read more