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Stock makes a debut in the whiskey category

In August, Stock Polska introduced two new products to its portfolio: Blue Barrel and Gold Barrel whiskeys originating from Kentucky, USA.

The history of manufacturing American whiskey dates back to the 17th century and to the first settlers from Europe. Following many years of refining recipes and processes, the secret of producing an extraordinary mature beverage was finally discovered. That secret lay in the barrels that were to be used.

For years, American distillers have been using their own special and secret methods of preparing barrels for maturing whiskey. They would select the best and freshest oak wood and burn the inside. The quality of the final product mainly depended on the barrels used. To distinguish the best barrels, they would paint their lids – the highest quality was marked in blue and gold. And it is to this tradition that the names of our products – Blue Barrel and Gold Barrel – allude.

Blue Barrel is American whiskey originating from Bardstown in Kentucky – a town widely recognised as the world capital of this alcoholic beverage. It is manufactured from ripe corn kernels which undergo fermentation and distillation, after which it matures in new, freshly burnt oak barrels. The whiskey acquires then a deep colour and a delicate oak aroma interwoven with subtle hints of caramel and vanilla.

Gold Barrel is a unique composition based on original American bourbon with an addition of natural aromas that perfectly emphasise its flavour and American roots. The whiskey is slightly sweet yet with quite a distinct aroma provided by the clearly detectable hint of pepper.

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