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Wódka Żubr with a New Look

As part of a process of continuous and consistent brand development, Wódka Żubr has gained a new look* – one that sets new standards in the economy priced vodka segment. It is an intriguing and elegant bottle which promises exquisite content inside.

This fresh and unique packaging is sure to stand out from the rest with its slender, shaped form and with embossing on the bottle depicting a bison’s head and the brand name of the vodka. The “no label look” style, set in a silver and navy blue colour scheme with red elements, highlights the brand name and emblems referring to its place of origin, combining tradition with modernity. This particular type of labelling has thus far been used primarily in the premium segment.

The minimalistic foil wrapper on the neck of the bottle, bearing data usually placed on the back label (barcode, content information, manufacturer’s name, etc) is an innovative solution in the vodka category. The harmonious arrangement of all the elements and the lack of back label emphasise the clarity and elegance of the new packaging.

The embossed bottle contains exquisite Polish clear vodka that is manufactured from top quality spirit and blended with crystal clear water originating from the Lublin Region. The four-step distillation process guarantees an even more refined flavour for this alcoholic beverage that has already achieved the position of one of the leaders in the economy segment.

The market launch of Wódka Żubr in its new bottle will be supported by a promotional campaign, conducted at points of sale under the slogan of “THE POWER OF NATURE”, and is set to communicate the natural origins of this brand’s ingredients and its unquestionable strength.

*Qualitative research carried out in March 2010 by FGI/SMG/Millward Brown demonstrated that consumers judge the fresh look of the bottle as intriguing, elegant, refined and modern. According to the respondents, the new packaging communicates a branded product of high quality, markedly standing out from the rest in the economy segment.

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