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Polish team win gold in the Effie Awards 2019 competition for Amundsen Vodka #ExploreMore

Polish team win gold in the Effie Awards 2019 competition for Amundsen Vodka #ExploreMore

The 20th jubilee gala of the Effie Awards competition took place on October 28.

Amundsen Vodka was among the winners and won a gold statuette in the „Alcoholic Drinks" category for the „Explore More” campaign.

Brand Values
Amundsen Vodka was created to inspire. The inspiration for its creation was one of the most difficult expeditions that man undertook - the reach of the South Pole. Amundsen is honoring the history of the greatest adventure of mankind. The brand convinces that anyone can become an adventurer. The „Explore More” campaign encourages you to find the element of discoverer - not necessarily by organizing dangerous expeditions, but by seeking new experiences in everyday life.

As part of its activities, the brand established cooperation with three ambassadors - Łukasz Nowicki - actor, journalist and traveler, Krzysztof Starnawski - diver and enthusiast of deep-sea photography and Marcin Dobas - National Geographic photographer. The culmination of the campaign was the prestigious Amundsen Photo Awards competition, during which the authors of the best photographs in three unique categories were selected: animals, people and landscape and a special category referring to the idea of the brand and its history - Winter Expedition. The success is evidenced by the number of applications - almost 4,000, or as many as 14,000 photos.

A prestigious competition
Effie Awards is one of the most prestigious competitions in the marketing industry that appreciates the best campaigns and the most effective communication activities, which are also reflected in business results. When selecting the winners, the jury takes into account many factors such as innovation, interdisciplinary nature of the project and effectiveness regarding strategic goals. This year's jury awarded only 6 gold statuettes, which makes Amundsen Vodka campaign even more exceptional. 

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Polish team win gold in the Effie Awards 2019 competition for Amundsen Vodka #ExploreMore