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News - June 2011

Limoncé Fresh – a new product from Stock

The summer is a perfect time for light alcoholic drinks and, in particular, citrus flavours bring to mind memories of the Mediterranean coast and a refreshing sea breeze. This is exactly what Limoncé Fresh, the new product just being launched on the Polish market by Stock Polska, tastes like. Limonce is a sweet yet fresh liqueur, made... Read more

A new bottle for the no.1 vodka in Poland – a new ergonomic design

In 2007, a new brand was launched onto the demanding Polish spirits market and this brand captured the consumers’ imagination. This was Czysta de Luxe Żołądkowa Gorzka. From the moment it appeared in stores, it was already the winner in a nationwide piece of consumer research* in which Polish consumers rated it as the best tasting vodka. It... Read more